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ALL PROFESSIONALS STATE THAT EITHER OF THESE ACTIONS IS CHILD ABUSE! SO LET”S TELL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, Most states do not consider these child abuse besides what professionals say. Help tell child services, the courts, law makers and DA’s this is ABUSE!!!!!!!!

Parental Alienation Syndrome

What is PAS? definition of PAS is:

1. The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a disorder that arises primarily in the context of child-custody disputes.

2. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification.

3. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) of a parent’s indoctrinations and the child’s own contributions to the vilification of the targeted parent.

PROFESSIONALS AGREE. Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willful violation of one of the prime duties of parenthood.


Malicious Mother Syndrome

What is MMS? definition of MMS is: The present section provides a beginning definition of the Divorce Related Malicious Mother Syndrome, which has been derived from clinical and legal cases. As in all initial proposals, it is anticipated that future research will lead to greater refinement in the taxonomic criteria.

The proposed definition encompasses four major criteria, as follows: A mother who unjustifiably punishes her divorcing or divorced husband by:

Attempting to alienate their mutual child(ren) from the father

Involving others in malicious actions against the father

Engaging in excessive litigation

The mother specifically attempts to deny her child(ren): Regular uninterrupted visitation with the father, Uninhibited telephone access to the father, paternal participation in the child(ren)’s school life and extra-curricular activities

The pattern is pervasive and includes malicious acts towards the husband including:Lying to the children, Lying to others, Violations of law

The disorder is not specifically due to another mental disorder although a separate mental disorder may co-exist

Research shows that: • 60 percent of America’s rapists came from fatherless homes. • 72 percent of adolescent murderers grew up without a father. • 70 percent of long-term prison inmates are fatherl

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CPS – Modern Day Slave System

New Massa CPS slave trade

I have had the good fortune of knowing Leonard in the early days of AFRA ( and the Internet for that matter circa 2000/2001.  Leonard was always so nice to me, understanding, and a person who I could speak to about my concerns and frustrations.  He is straight-forward and very brilliant.  If it weren’t for Leonard, I would not understand the law as I do.  If it weren’t for my knowledge, I would not have taught my child her constitutional rights. Leonard is the Harriet Tubman of this movement.  Leonard has been a father, uncle, brother, and dear friend to me.  Leonard means the world to me.  (besides he puts up with my sista-with-an-attitude side!)  :)


Since I am a Sista, I see things through my lens.  I have an above-average knowledge of slavery in this country.  I studied it because I wanted to understand why black families, not all but some, are really damaged.  Why are they so broken?  Why is there so much poverty, illiteracy, violence, etc.  And I can trace much of what is going on today to the problems of slavery.  Legal kidnappings did not just begin with CPS.  The states have always needed to make money off of every single person in their state.  And they have always relied on free labor.  So the best way that they can do this is with the elderly, the prison population and children.  They make them slaves of the state. When slavery ended, supposedly, in 1865 it was actually “ratified.”  Ratified means “formally approved and invested with legal authority.”


So that’s when the 13th amendment was adopted.  But we were taught in school that the 13th amendment states, “slavery is abolished.”  But what does abolish mean?  Well it means:

1. To do away with; annul.

2. To destroy completely.


But in 2000, I Google’d the 13th amendment and guess what it says?

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


The word “abolish” appears nowhere in the amendment.  So why were we taught that?


That’s a rhetorical question and I will leave it that way.  But after slavery, they used LAWS to keep black people, especially black men in bondage.  The states who relied on slavery now used Jim Crow Laws to keep black people in check.  And black people worked for darn near free.  But in 1964, the Civil Rights Passage Act was passed and it officially ended Jim Crow.  But in the last thirty years, the states have been running out of money.  They cannot tax citizens otherwise we would all be in the streets looting and rioting as they are in Britain and in Philly.  So they must figure out a way to raise money.  Well, let’s see….slavery lasted 500 years and we have recorded history of how profitable free labor was to us.  And we have this new ratified amendment.  So we will use children, although there are CHILD LABOR LAWS.  During slavery, the fields were filled with kids picking cotton, pulling weeds, tending to the animals.  Don’t believe what you see in the movie “Roots.”  The older people were not out in the fields.  A slave woman would give birth to her baby by a slave man.  And the massa would come in and snatch that baby from her.  That woman would be enraged and want to kill massa.  But oops, it’s against the law for her to kill him or to slap the taste out of his mouth.  She better not even look at him like she is mad.  Or, that would be reason enough for him to rape and beat her and even stand her slave husband in front of her and murder him while she watched.  Typically, when slaves would say that “she was sent down da river,” that meant that the child was put on a boat that travelled down the muddy Mississippi  into the deep and harshest parts of the dirty South.  And that child was never heard from again.  Slaves had no legal say.


Today, the first thing the government does is to remove parental rights.  In doing so, parents have no legal say as to what happens to their child.  Although they are held responsible if they “kidnap” their child back or if they “cuss out a judge,” they have no legal protections because the deeper the child gets into today’s dirty South known as CPS, the child is no longer the same child.  The child becomes a slave and works for free sitting in slave quarters also known as foster homes.  And the more paperwork that they can build on parents, the more of a slave you become because even if you are not duly convicted of a crime as stated in the 13th amendment, you are smeared so badly and your nerves are so shot that it would be easy for anyone to believe the false allegations.


Today, black children who make up only 15% of this country’s total population, make up more than 30% of the kids in foster care.  Now definitely there are black parents that suck.  They do not have the common sense to raise kids.  But there are plenty of stories where black kids were taken away because of built-in predjudices and cultural unawareness.  Hell, I had CPS at my door because they said I neglected my daughter although I lived in an expensive gated community where we had a mini putt putt golf course and sand volleyball course in our backyard.  She had clothes, her own bedroom with a king size bed and her own bathroom.  But because I am a Black Moma and my child better not think it is okay to disrespect me and I don’t let my daughter cuss me out or run around and turn Emo and cut her wrists and wear goth like the suburb kids, then there is something wrong with me???? No that’s cultural unawareness.  Well, I knew the law, thanks to Leonard.  And my daughter knew the law because I raised her from day one to be leary of people who fake nice to collect a paychek. If I had not known the laws and what to do, then I would have likely cussed out them white folks who came to my door looking at me half crazy.  And had I done that, then I would have been labeled and my daughter would have been added to the kids who are black and “unwanted” in foster care.


So I say all of this to say that black kids keep the foster care system going.  They are not adopted as frequently.  So they keep the steady money flowing.  Most black parents, like me, are single and do not have money to hire an attorney.  Black kids are the “field negroes.”  But it’s the white babies and children who make the most money for the courts.  So they are like the “house negros” who resemble massa and are closest to massa.  They are placed on auction blocks at court houses all over the country and sold to the highest bidder.  The parents of these white children have money and they sell their homes, boats, cars, liquidate their stocks and bonds, and borrow from their middle and wealthy family and friends.  They are the greatest target because unlike most black youth (and parents), they naively still believe that this country is made for “you and me.”  They still have a baseball and apple pie mentality.  So they feed massa .


So what do I think is the solution?  Well, we need to teach our kids the law and the constitution.  When they come knocking at the door, we need to follow the law by the book.  If your child is taken away, I strongly believe that less is more.  Do not talk so much.  Do not spend so much.  The only thing you should do a lot of is DOCUMENT.  Document your entire life even before CPS shows up at the door.  You should have evidence of your life and love for your kids.  You should get letters from the school or record teachers when you visit the school so that if they say “you are doing a great job raising Johnny” then you have evidence of it.  You never know if that same person will be the one who becomes a mandatory reporter and turns you in.  And prepare your child’s case.  Record everything that CPS has done.  Every violation.  Every breach of the law and their policies.  And most importantly, study on AFRA.


I am sad for those of you who do not have your children with you.  But please prepare their case.  You cannot sue the state for the damage to your family.  But they did it in the “best interest of the child” so prepare a case for your child to sue the pants off of the state.  No one will listen to parents like they will our kids!

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What Does God Say About Children’s Protective Services (CPS)?

“God will not stand for what is happening to our children, and our families. His heart beats for these children. He will lift up the downtrodden. What is happening in America regarding Child Protective Services is a criminal, political phenomenon. And it must be brought to an end.”~the late Senator Nancy Schaefer~

Matthew 19:13,14

13~One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him.

14~But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” 15 And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.

Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken….Ecclesiastes 4:12


“..they have given a boy for a harlot, and have sold a girl for wine, and have drunk it…. and have sold the children of Judah and the children of Jerusalem to the sons of the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border. ” – Joel 3-6



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Tallahassee Court Says One Spank is Not Dometic Violence

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A single spank doesn’t qualify as domestic violence, an appellate court ruled Friday.

A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal unanimously reversed an injunction for protection against domestic violence.

It cited common law and a 2002 Florida Supreme Court ruling that says reasonable or non-excessive corporal punishment can be used as a defense against child abuse charges.

Circuit Judge Karen Gievers of Tallahassee had issued the injunction against a father identified in the ruling only as “G.C.”

He had been accused by his former wife of spanking their 14-year-old daughter once on the buttocks with his hand.

The father said the teen had been disrespectful and defiant. The girl said she was only being sarcastic.

“We hold that under established Florida law this single spank constituted reasonable and non-excessive parental corporal discipline and, as a matter of law, was not domestic violence,” the appeal judges wrote in an unsigned opinion.

That’s even though the domestic violence law doesn’t explicitly say so.

The judges, though, wrote “neither does it exclude the common law defense” that parents can administer reasonable and non-excessive corporal punishment.

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Teenage Female Violence is Increasing in Recent Years

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments
September 24, 2011

Teenage female violence has been increasing in recent years. According to a 2010 Department of Justice report, Delinquency Cases in Juvenile Court, 2007, “Juvenile courts handled 448,900 cases involving females in 2007, more than twice the 1985 number.” And for assaults and other offenses against persons, the female offender rate soared by 233% over the same time period.

Relationship counselor Dr. Jill Murray explains the problem this way (

Now, here’s the really depressing news: female-to-male PHYSICAL abuse has gone up at least threefold in many areas of the country in the last year! But there’s a difference between the ways in which girls abuse boys and the way boys abuse girls.

Men use their hands. They punch, slap, push, choke. Girls use weapons. Because, as women, we know that we are usually smaller and physically weaker than our male partners, we can’t overpower them, right? So, women are now using baseball bats, golf clubs, and the like to “even the score.” Let’s say a 5’ 2” girl decides to hurt her 6’ tall boyfriend. Ordinarily, it would look comical, but if she’s got a Louisville Slugger circling over her head like a lasso, it’s going to connect with his head. That’s much scarier than a push against a wall or even a black eye. I find that frightening and depressing.

Men don’t report when they have been violated. They feel that people would make fun of them or joke about their perceived lack of masculinity. The live with the same secretiveness and shame that abused girls and women speak of.

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Pitbull Attacks CPS Caseworker

Man sustains injuries to face, arm

MILLER — A worker from Lawrence County Child Protective Services was injured on the job when a dog attacked him Thursday afternoon.

Ron James was checking on the welfare of children in a household in Miller when the animal, a pit bull mix, attacked him around 2 p.m., Sheriff Jeff Lawless said.

James, who sustained injuries to his arm and face, sought medical attention at a hospital but was not taken by ambulance, Lawless said.

The dog warden was called and the dog will likely be quarantined while officials determine if the animal has had vaccinations, the sheriff said.

The sheriff said there is a possibility that the owners will face criminal charges, either for the well-being of the children or for the dog attack.

Read more here:

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Teen Girl Charged with Murdering her Boyfriend Says he ‘Ran into the Knife’

Teen Girl Charged with Murdering her Boyfriend Says he ‘Ran into the Knife’

A 17-year-old girl who claimed her boyfriend ran into a knife she was holding during a fight in their Brooklyn apartment was charged yesterday with his murder.

Vanessa McGhee told beau Sharrod (Swiss) Youmans, 23, that she planned to leave him, sparking a feud inside his East New York apartment shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday, cops and her family said.

“She wanted to get her stuff and come home,” said the teen’s mother, Erica McGhee, 36.

Youmans – who had prior arrests that include criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest – started to rough up her daughter, the mother said.

That’s when she grabbed a blade from the kitchen.

“She said he ran into the knife,” said the mom, who spoke to McGhee after her arrest. “It was an accident and she was sorry. She didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Youmans was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where he died.

McGhee – a St. Catherine, Jamaica, native – was later charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. She was awaiting arraignment yesterday.

The anguished mother said her “troubled” daughter wanted to move back to the family’s Far Rockaway, Queens, home to start over.

“It’s a shock,” she said. “She was turning herself around, trying to do good.”

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Teen Girl to Be Tried as Adult After Shooting Friend

Teen Girl To Be Tried As Adult After Shooting Friend

17-year-old Renee Addison will be 18 years-old in two months.

Today a judge says because of her age she knew the risks in pointing a gun and pulling the trigger and she will be tried on a reckless homicide charge as an adult.

Witnesses testified everyone inside the East Memphis home was high the day 17-year-old Sarah Gailbraith was shot and killed by her friend, 17-year-old Renee Addison.

There was LSD and marijuana being smoked in the house. Detectives testified Addison told them the two were in a relationship and had dated off and on for five years.

Addison said she did not mean to kill Gailbraith.

In a statement that was read in court Addison told detectives she was actually trying to unload the handgun 40 caliber and thought she had done so when she took off the safety and pulled the trigger.

Addison says she never saw Gailbraith appear in front of her until Gailbraith fell to the ground after being shot.

The judge ruled against the teen who turns 18 in two months intentionally picked up a dangerous weapon and handled it in a reckless manner and therefore will have her case transferred to adult criminal court.

Her defense lawyer argued that this was nothing more than a tragic accident not a crime but the judge felt otherwise. Addison’s bond was set at $30,000.,0,5008079.story

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Child Molesters – a Behavioral Analysis

Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis
“Adults with an added authority (e.g., teachers, camp counselors, coaches, religious leaders, law-enforcement officers, doctors, judges [DA and child protection attorneys]) present even greater problems in the investigation of these cases. Such offenders are in a better position to seduce and manipulate victims and escape responsibility.

The most difficult case of all involves a subject who has an ideal occupation for any child molester: a therapist who specializes in treating troubled children. This offender need only sit in his office while society preselects the most vulnerable victims and brings them to him. The victims are by definition “troubled” and unlikely to be believed if they do make an allegation.


“Eighty-one percent of all abuse last year was neglect, a percentage that has changed little in recent years. Neglect refers to a denial of critical care, defined as the failure of a caretaker to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing or other care necessary for the child’s health and welfare when the caretaker is financially able to do so or is offered financial or other reasonable means to do so”.* –LEE ROOD 4-2-2011 (*A.K.A “Reasonable Efforts”, which IS NOT HAPPENING)

“As many as 75 percent of all children in foster care, upon leaving the system, will have experienced sexual abuse. One study by Johns Hopkins University found that the rate of sexual abuse within the foster-care system is more than four times as high as in the general population; in group homes, the rate of sexual abuse is more than 28 times that of the general population.” –Sexual Abuse: An Epidemic in Foster Care Settings? -By Orlow, Orlow & Orlow July 17, 2009

“There are more than half a million children and youth in the U.S. foster care system today. Studies reveal that children are 11 times more likely to be abused in state care than they are in their own homes, and 7 times more likely to die as a result of abuse in the foster care system.” -John Walsh Show April 16, 2003

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Sexual Abuse and How It Makes You Feel Inside



Sexual abuse affects every part of your body,

It affects your heart, mind, body, spirit and also your soul.
It affects your relationships and your relationship with God.
It stops you from trusting, and asking for help.
It stops you from believing in yourself or anything for that matter.
It makes you feel a failure.
It stops you from being able to function properly.
It stops you from speaking, hearing, seeing.
It deceives you, blinds you too the truth.
It blames you also it entraps you, and binds you.
It makes you feel guilty.
It makes you feel dirty.
It takes away your security it also takes away love in your life.
It causes you constant strife throughout your life.
It causes you to be directed wrongly.
It causes you to fear the worst.
It causes you to want to kill yourself.
It causes you to be bitter.
It causes you to have stinking thinking.
It causes you to want revenge.
It causes you anger.
It causes you rage.
It causes you hurt
It causes you pain.
It cause you shame.
It causes you rejection.
It causes you to be abandoned.
It causes you to feel insane.
How can I get off this ongoing train you may say, my advice to you is look to the cross, Jesus died for all of this, he wants to exchange all this for his spirit. Love joy peace patience kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control wow you may say this is true I am living it, that’s why I share it with those hurting!!!! Jesus is no respecter or of persons what He has and is doing for me He can also do for you!!!!

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