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Teen Girl Charged with Murdering her Boyfriend Says he ‘Ran into the Knife’

Teen Girl Charged with Murdering her Boyfriend Says he ‘Ran into the Knife’

A 17-year-old girl who claimed her boyfriend ran into a knife she was holding during a fight in their Brooklyn apartment was charged yesterday with his murder.

Vanessa McGhee told beau Sharrod (Swiss) Youmans, 23, that she planned to leave him, sparking a feud inside his East New York apartment shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday, cops and her family said.

“She wanted to get her stuff and come home,” said the teen’s mother, Erica McGhee, 36.

Youmans – who had prior arrests that include criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest – started to rough up her daughter, the mother said.

That’s when she grabbed a blade from the kitchen.

“She said he ran into the knife,” said the mom, who spoke to McGhee after her arrest. “It was an accident and she was sorry. She didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Youmans was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where he died.

McGhee – a St. Catherine, Jamaica, native – was later charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. She was awaiting arraignment yesterday.

The anguished mother said her “troubled” daughter wanted to move back to the family’s Far Rockaway, Queens, home to start over.

“It’s a shock,” she said. “She was turning herself around, trying to do good.”

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Teen Girl to Be Tried as Adult After Shooting Friend

Teen Girl To Be Tried As Adult After Shooting Friend

17-year-old Renee Addison will be 18 years-old in two months.

Today a judge says because of her age she knew the risks in pointing a gun and pulling the trigger and she will be tried on a reckless homicide charge as an adult.

Witnesses testified everyone inside the East Memphis home was high the day 17-year-old Sarah Gailbraith was shot and killed by her friend, 17-year-old Renee Addison.

There was LSD and marijuana being smoked in the house. Detectives testified Addison told them the two were in a relationship and had dated off and on for five years.

Addison said she did not mean to kill Gailbraith.

In a statement that was read in court Addison told detectives she was actually trying to unload the handgun 40 caliber and thought she had done so when she took off the safety and pulled the trigger.

Addison says she never saw Gailbraith appear in front of her until Gailbraith fell to the ground after being shot.

The judge ruled against the teen who turns 18 in two months intentionally picked up a dangerous weapon and handled it in a reckless manner and therefore will have her case transferred to adult criminal court.

Her defense lawyer argued that this was nothing more than a tragic accident not a crime but the judge felt otherwise. Addison’s bond was set at $30,000.,0,5008079.story

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